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Ages 4+

Voice | Piano | theatre


Welcome to the Beyond the Stage Website! We invite you to take a look to see what we’re all about! Our mission is to create a safe and fun environment for children to explore the performance arts while building confidence, discipline, and communication skills through stimulation of higher thought and expression. Our goal is to empower each child to discover themselves through the arts. At Beyond the Stage, we pride ourselves in our work with passion, experience, and diligence. We are truly a family your child can grow with!

What Clients are saying

If you have recognized a gift in your child and your child would like to further develop that gift, I strongly encourage you to utilize Beyond the Stage. Soon after my daughter started vocal lessons with Beyond the Stage, Joel helped Chantel uncover a beautiful voice that was previously hidden. Although my daughter was participating in a music (vocal) class in school, I had never heard her solo voice sound so beautiful. Joel is doing a great job teaching my daughter how to take care of her voice, prepare for auditions and performances, and teaching her appropriate pronunciation, breathing and vocal techniques. Joel helped Chantel to find her voice.

- Proud Mom, Brenetta

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